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Zavec proves worth and becomes World Champ once again
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Maribor, April 11th 2015 – The best Slovenian boxer Dejan Zavec won, based on his words, the toughest fight of his professional boxing career against a 10 year younger opponent Sasha Yengoyan. After 12 rounds the judges unanimously decided (115-114, 117-112, 118-112) that Mr. Sympatikus became the new superwelterweight WBF World Champion.

In front of a vocal crowd in a sold-out Tabor hall in Maribor Zavec had to play a very risky game after getting a cut as early as in the first round, when Yengoyan’s head-butt opened his skin above the right eye. This meant a significant change of plans for the former IBF welterweight World Champion, but he had no bigger problems in controlling the opponent. »I was risking a very dangerous injury, but luckily my risk paid off. You have to risk more to gain more,« said Zavec, who confirmed that the similar incident, that happened to him against Andre Berto, when he couldn’t continue the defence of his World Champion belt due to a similar injury, came into his subconscience. But his desire and determination helped him to calm down and continue in style; his braveheart display was there in spite of the early injury that was clearly a setback.

Although Zavec was surely wishing to end the fight with a knock-out – he came close with getting Yengoyan off his feet in the 5th round, but the Belgian proved to be a tough fighter – he also had no bigger problems with ending it after 12 rounds. He used all his rich experience to outbox Yengoyan, who tried hard, but was never given a real chance to end the bout in his favour. »Sasha was defeated both psychologically and physically. He tried to hit me but missed, which led him to become nervous and unstable. The energy of the crowd also helped things to go in my direction, as this was something new for Sasha. He lost because you could see that he tried to make a hole through me no matter what,« said Zavec, who saw rounds 3-5 as crucial. It’s then when Yengoyan’s dominos started to collapse and he just couldn’t get them standing again.

Zavec didn’t want to make any big announcements after the bout: he will thoroughly think about who and where to face next. The WBF World Champion belt opens new doors to him – doors that were almost shut until Saturday. He has already progressed for more than 20 places in the Boxrec superwelterweight ranking, where he is now 15th. Saul Alvarez, the former WBC World Champion who lost his belt to Floyd Mayweather jr. in 2013, is on top. Yengoyan, who Zavec believes has a very good career in front of him, fell from 16th to 28th.

The bout, broadcast by TV Slovenija 2, had a great TV-rating. The average audience was around 270.000 (13,76 AMR %), while at the peak the broadcast reached 317.000 TV-viewers (16,24 AMR %).


You can see the photo hightlights here.


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