Slovene Personality of the Year 2010

Dejan became Slovene Personality of the year 2010 chosen by around 30.000 public votes and readers of weekly magazine "Nedeljski dnevnik". In previous years the prestigious title was given to Slovene presidents, athletes and other important personalities. Of course, Dejan is first Slovene boxing champion with mentioned title.

Slovene Athlete of the Year 2010

Dejan became Slovene Athlete of the Year 2010 by Slovene Press Asociation as first World Boxing Champion ever. He "overcame" Anze Kopitar, NHL & LA Kings star, football (soccer) player Valter Birsa and many others succesful Slovene athletes. 

The Golden Order for Services 2010

Shall be conferred for exceptional services accomplished for Slovenia in the civil, diplomatic and international and military or security fields. The Golden Order for Services shall be conferred on nationals of the Republic of Slovenia, foreign nationals and, exceptionally, on domestic, foreign and international organisations. Dejan Zavec received The Golden Order for Services from Slovene president mr. Danilo Türk (pictured) for highliy ethic behavior and exceptional sporting achievement (World Boxing Champion).

Slovene Sport Brand of the Year 2010

The title "Slovene Sport Brand of the Year" is a reward for achievements in and off sporting fields and is given by the SPORTO conference (leading annual sports marketing & sponsorshing event) and Mediana, Institute for market and media research.