Dejan Zavec aka Jan Zaveck (38 bouts, 35 wins, 19 KO's, 3 losses) is the best Slovenian boxer of all time, former IBF World Welterweight Champion and current WBF Superwelterweight World Champion.

He climbed up to the top of the world, when he became a welterweight (66.7 kg) IBF World Champion on 11th December 2009. He won the historical fight in Johannesburg (TKO in 3rd round), when he had beaten the (untill that day) World Champion Isaac Hlatshwaya (South Africa) and thus proved to be a boxer and an athlete of the highest level.

He confirmed his quality once more when defending his IBF World Champion title on 9th April 2010, when he had beaten Rodolfo Martinez (ARG) after the spectacular show (TKO in 12th round) in Ljubljana. The achievement was even greater on the 4th September 2010 in the sold out Stožice arena. In front of the crowd of 13,000 fans Dejan has won the fight against Rafal Jackiewicz, who is the only boxer who defeated him in the professional career. Mr. Simpatikus performed in the spectacular show, defended the IBF World Champion title once more and entered the hearts of the Slovenian sport fans. He defended the title for the 3rd time against Paul Delgado with confident win (TKO, 5th Round).

Zavec lost his IBF World Champion belt in Biloxi, USA, after a controversial fight vs. Andre Berto, who won after Zavec was unable to continue because of an eye injury caused by Berto's headbutt. After recovering from this defeat, Zavec became the WBO Intercontinental Champion: a title which he only lost against Keith Thurman in a 12-round bout in March 2013.

The Slovenian champion returned in style, changed to the Superwelterweight division and in April 2015 he was crowned WBF World Champion after defeating Belgian Sasha Yengoyan in Maribor, Slovenia.

Dejan is a fair-play ambassador and a spokesman for positive values of boxing as a traditional and noble martial art, he has been defeating negative boxing stereotypes. His competitors and fans gave him the nickname “Mr. Sympathicus”.